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Matt Hoover

Director of Data Visualization

Matt is a data viz wiz who enjoys telling stories with data. He also has a passion for teaching others about data visualization, especially with Tableau. You can find him outside of CAN running long, long distances.

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CAN recently got back from Tableau’s 2017 customer conference, affectionally shortened “TC17”. I brought back several things from the week in Las Vegas: a couple Tableau tips and tricks, several new connections within the Tableau community, and of course, some swag.

In no particular order, here are the top 5 swag (swags?) I picked up at Tableau Conference 2017.


① Interworks Viz Socks

In a world of suit and ties, socks can be a great way to show off some pizazz while remaining professional. I wish I had grabbed 6 more pairs because I can see myself wearing these every day of the week!

 Pluralsight Fidget Cube

That didn’t take long. Within a year of invention, fidget cubes are now officially branded swag. Pluralsight’s fidget cubes are perfect for mindlessly fidgeting around while thinking through your next great visualization.

③ Data Sleep Mask

This was a surprise from the Tableau Partner Summit on Monday. Tableau was kind enough to provide its partners with a TC17 Rally Pack that contained cool, yet practical swag like this to help make sure they were able to fully recover each night of the conference.

④ VizItPhilly Koozie

Shoutout to the VizItPhilly crew (specifically Corey Jones) for supplying me with this neat koozie! Without it, my hands surely would have frozen from holding craft beer cans during Data Night Out.

⑤ “We Are Data People” Pennants

These small felt pennants are perfect for selfies and are a great way of reminding your coworkers that you are in fact a real data person.


*Bonus – Mini Speech Bubble Whiteboard

Another item in the Tableau Partner swag bag – a miniature whiteboard version of the large speech bubbles with fun data phrases that are seen in about 80% of Tableau users’ Twitter avatars.


Did we miss any top swag from the conference? Let us know in the comments below.


Last week, incumbent Jean Stothert won re-election in the 2017 Omaha Mayoral Election, defeating challenger Health Mello by a 53-to-47 percent margin. Let’s take a closer look at how the Republican fared in the polls over her Democratic challenger.

This map was created by the Omaha World-Herald staff shortly after election results were announced on May 9th. It was widely shared on social media in the days following the election and simply represents the results from each precinct — red for Stothert, blue for Mello. It shows a striking political contrast between East and West Omaha. Using this visualization, it appears the city can be divided into two halves, with Republicans on one side and Democrats mostly on the other.

Although the map is technically accurate, it is somewhat misleading because it only shows the data in one dimension. This is not meant to discredit the creator of the map – this is an effective visualization that succinctly tells one story. It is also impressive how fast the map was put together after the election results were announced. With that said, the map doesn’t account for important metrics such as number of voters per precinct or margin of victory. To provide this context and better understand voter behavior throughout the city, I used election data from the Douglas County Election Commission’s website and created some improved, in-depth Omaha Mayoral Election visualizations. Make sure to click on the images if you would like to go to the interactive version of these visualizations.


Red City | Blue City – Omaha Divided


Election vs Primary Performance by Precinct


Were you surprised by the results of the election? What other metrics would you like to see in these data visualizations?

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