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Justin Trowbridge

Business Development Officer

Justin has been innovating sales and marketing for over 19 years. Having worked for small startups and fortune 100 companies alike, his experiences help him understand client needs.

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March 16th 2019 – Contemporary Analysis (CAN) sponsored the St Patrick’s Day Parade float for the Omaha Crawl for Cancer. Nate Watson, President of CAN, helped bring the Crawl for Cancer to Omaha and has been helping organize it ever since.

Here are just a few of the photos from the parade this weekend. Needless to say, we got into some Shenanigans and gave away over 5000 pieces of candy in the process!

A look at the parade float in all its splendor.
st pats t rex
We even had a t rex in the parade!
the float
The float in all its splendor!

Special thanks to all of the “Crawlenteers” who showed up to walk in the parade and hand out candy! See you this summer for the crawl!

Contemporary Analysis (CAN) will be presenting not one but TWO segments at this years Infotec Conference. Held at the Embassy Suites LaVista on April 1st & 2nd CAN will be hosting a workshop and a breakout.

Gordon Summers

Leading a Data Driven Organization Workshop.

Gordon Summers

Lead Data Scientist for CAN

April 1st – 8:30 am – 12:30 pm.

This is a workshop designed after the book of the same name. It is onsite, in-person learning designed for all levels of leaders within an organization. Filled with stories and real-world examples, the workshop will walk through the concepts of data science with an eye for what leaders need to know. From “What Data Science Does” to “Organizational Challenges,” the workshop makes sure you “Know if the Answers are Right.” With sections titled, “How Data Science is Done” and “Time is Not Your Friend” you get straight talk about business challenges and opportunities. Whether you are faced with your first data science project or you are just thinking about how to use the latest data science tools for your company’s benefit, this workshop is for you.

Click Here for full details about the workshop.

Click Here to download or purchase a copy of the book “How to lead a data driven organization” by Gordon Summers

Nate Watson

How to hire a Data Scientist: A guide for those tasked with finding the hardest people on the planet

Nate Watson

President of CAN

April 2nd – 2:15pm – 3:00pm

Understand parallel skill sets that potential employees might have that aren’t exactly what you have in the job description, and

Understand the cultural makeup of a data science team, how that may vary from your current culture, and how to combat this to attract the talent you want and need.

Click Here for full details about the breakout

Earlier this morning our President, Nate Watson presented to a group. The group was a part of One Million Cups. If you’re not familiar with them, they are a community based movement to get entrepreneurs together to educate, engage and inspire others and otherwise grow small business.

Contemporary Analysis launched Inventory Batch Tracker earlier this year. The software helps small to medium sized manufacturing facilities to track elements of their manufacturing process. In the event of a recall, they can quickly and accurately generate reports and pull only the protected products.

Inventory Batch Tracker will help companies deal with a few pallets of bad product, rather than several truck loads of bad product. If you haven’t checked out the site visit.

Here’s the live stream from today’s presentation. Or feel free to drop us a line here: Contact Inventory Batch Tracker



Contemporary Analysis (CAN) is pleased to announce and welcome Justin Trowbridge as the company’s new Business Development Officer.  Trowbridge will be responsible for sales and marketing efforts as well as continuing to grow our Omaha Data Science Academy enrollment.

He joins CAN from PayPal located in Omaha Ne.  At PayPal he cultivated new partners, expanded a referral network to include the European Union, and developed solutions for companies of all sizes.  During his time at PayPal he also completed his Masters in Marketing from the University of Bellevue.

“We’re excited to have him on board.  He’ll be able to expand our capabilities and adds depth to our areas of real world experience.”  said Nathan Watson, President at CAN. “Justin has a track record of thinking outside the box and applying concepts in new and exciting ways.”

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