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November 6th: Machine Learning & Data Science

Back by special request, here is the half-day class from Infotec 2017 on How to Find Machine Learning Experts When None Exist. This is part of our new partnership with Bellevue University providing both online and onsite data science training. In this class you will learn: What is a machine learning data scientist and how do you find/hire one? Many companies struggle with the concept of what machine learning is and what it does. Since Machine Learning is quickly becoming a barrier to entry for a product, companies will soon not consider a piece of software or app that does not have machine learning built into it. However, Machine Learning skills are extremely hard to find and almost cost prohibitive. Many companies are trying to fill the need using a regular data scientist (also hard to find). This session will discuss the necessary skill sets of a Machine Learning data scientist, the parallel data scientist skills which can be cross trained, and how to manage those people once they get the right training. It will also cover the value proposition of Machine Learning and how it applies to your business.

Enrollment begins September 1st.


December 4th: Data Science Leadership

Built for those who are going to be tasked, or are currently tasked, with leading the philosophical change that is Data-Driven Decision Making. The key word is “leading”– getting ahead of the curve and staying there. Leaders first need to understand what has changed in business in a world where data science is building moats between business competitors. There will be training on what data science is, how data science works, and how data science can drive better decisions as well as how to implement ideas and how to hire, train, and manage talent. The seminar will then address some of the major barriers that leaders deal with: the bias of inactivity, the bias of decision avoidance, ROI for “science” projects, acquiring resources, choosing the right projects, and management’s ability to understand the results. There will also be discussions on job task automation, classification algorithms, effective charts/graphs, data ripeness/freshness, and model refresh frequency, etc. You will come away with a much better understanding of the people you are managing, the people who need their predictions, and how to stand in between both camps.

January 22nd: Cohort 6 begins

The ODSA begins its 6th Cohort in January 2019. Get trained from 6-9 pm on what CAN’s data scientists did from 8-5. In these classes, students will be introduced to some of the major concepts of Data Science (Python Programming, Database Management, Basic Modeling Building, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization) and some of the tools used in the profession (Python, Data Science Platforms, and Tableau). This is not meant to replace the degree from four year institutions, but instead, to enhance the person who is almost a data scientist but is missing a few critical skills to “round them out.” Graduates of the DSA will leave with the confidence and skills of an entry level data scientist and be able to have conversations with business units, build predictive analytical MVPs, and be able to know and continue to learn the skill sets needed for data science projects.

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