Strategic Planning & Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is the closest your business can come to predicting the future.

Imagine making important strategic decisions based on what you know, not what you hope or fear. Inviting CAN into your strategic planning is like casting light on the road ahead. We turn some of your most difficult business choices into true decisions — not guesses, and not bets.

We’ll begin our discovery by finding out what questions are most important to your company’s future. We look at all the data you’ve gathered in recent years; then we work with you to decide which factors most strongly affect your business. How have those factors changed over time? Is there a pattern? Are there other patterns that are linked or related?

By building a data model based on what we know has happened so far, we can predict how these factors will continue to affect your company. No one can tell you exactly what the future will bring, but CAN can help you build a plan that’s rooted in true strategy.

A few examples of how CAN is already helping business leaders plan for the future:

Asset management, not crisis management.

Though asset management is complicated, predictive analytics lets you plan for the future with greater confidence and much less risk. Almost everything about asset management can be predicted by past usage. You can plan downtime, avoid emergency repairs, and decide when to sell and replace equipment… If you don’t make these decisions now, strategically, they become crisis management later.

Strategic forecasting — not all numbers are created equal.

Businesses often plan for the next year using the previous year’s numbers. But last year’s numbers aren’t as important as last year’s patterns. CAN took looks at your previous sales, pricing and costs, and predicts what’s likely to happen next. You can use this information throughout your business – to set realistic sales goals, for example, or to estimate costs for specific projects. We’ll build data models that help you predict the future, even as factors in the present change.

Clear data, cleanly presented.

At CAN, we realize that most businesses are used to getting data and information in almost insensible packages. (Endless tables, six-hundred-page reports…) Our goal isn’t to give you results that you then have to hire us to translate — we take pride in giving clients information they can immediately understand and use.

We find that the best way to share results is by developing dashboards. A dashboard is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — a visual way to monitor information. We’ll build the data model together, then set up a dashboard that lets you easily keep track of ongoing results.

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Case Study

Preparing for a Pandemic

How predictive analytics helped prepare for the H1N1 Pandemic.

CAN helped a regional healthcare system prepare for the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic. From April 2009 to April 2010…

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