Sales & Predictive Analytics

Turn your accounting and customer data into sales — by focusing on the prospects and deals that are most likely to close.

Your company probably already has information that could immediately and dramatically improve sales — but it’s buried in all the data you’re collecting. In accounting tables, customer records, inventory reports . . .

At CAN, we sort through your data to find patterns, then use those patterns to help you make decisions.

Most sales decisions aren’t like calculations; there’s no right or wrong answer. But we can tell you which path is more right — or more wrong.

We can tell you who your best customers are, which approaches work, what sells best historically . . . We can even build data models to test your decisions, before you act on them.

You can trust CAN’s recommendations because they’re based on your past customer behavior. They’re predictions – but never guesses.

Specific tactics to improve sales:

Rethink sales quotas.

CAN works with sales managers to identify which of their current customers and prospects are most likely to buy. Instead of giving your sales team quotas, we can give them targets. This cuts down on both guesswork and excuses — your salespeople start each month knowing exactly who they need to talk to and what they need to do.

Your current clients are your best prospects.

Salespeople can get trapped, focusing most of their efforts on acquiring new customers. But it takes less energy to keep good customers than to find new ones — and it’s easier to sell satisfied customers on new products and services. CAN helps evaluate your current customers, identifying who might be at risk to leave and who the best prospects are for new sales.

To bid or not to bid.

Many companies invest thousands of dollars — and hours — into responding to requests for proposals, knowing that their investments might go to waste. There’s no second place in the bidding process, no partial return.

But there is data.

Data about customers, projects, competitors’ economics . . . Each project has hundreds of considerations. At CAN, we can look at past bids — past wins and past losses — to find patterns in that data. And we can use those patterns to predict which projects you’re most likely to win.

No one can predict every win or loss, but CAN can help you target your money and time toward the right opportunities.

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