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How we work

At Contemporary Analysis, we use predictive analytics and data science to help businesses work more effectively.

We do this using a staff augmentation model. This means that CAN actually provides a data scientist to work directly for the client.

By giving businesses the option of hiring a part-time data-scientist, companies no longer need to sift through projects and create extra budgets. It instead allows a company to test out how a data scientist would work in their culture, figure out how to implement ideology, and create the necessary roadmap for success long after CAN’s data scientist has been replaced with their own.

Though we’re a relatively young company — founded in Omaha, Neb., in 2008 — CAN already has extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes and various industries, including health insurance, banking, construction, mining and telecommunications.

Our best working relationships are partnerships — we’re not consultants who drop a report on your desk, then walk away. CAN data scientists get invested in your business problems and work with you to make positive changes in your process. Concrete results — helping businesses truly change and improve — are what we find most rewarding about our work.

We also like to solve specific, critical problems. For example — why is a company losing repeat customers? Or — which employees are most likely to succeed? And we like to solve them quickly, typically in less than 30 days.
That doesn’t mean we’re gone in 30 days; with our staff augmentation model, we train one of your very own employees to be proficient in the services we created.

Think of CAN as a team of specialists who’ll help you work through a series of broad-reaching problems, using data to build a more and more complete picture of your business. Your own internal team will be just as important to the process as ours, providing ongoing context and insight.

Basically — if you can explain your business problem to us, we can explore your data to find a solution. Then, with our staff augmentation model, we will train someone in your company to take over that dashboards and softwares we’ve set up. We’ll still be around for consultation, of course.

Learn more about how we can help you implement Predictive Analytics in your business.

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CAN turns 10!

on January 2

Today is Contemporary Analysis (CAN)’s 10th birthday!!! Although we are not the company we started back in 2008—different logo, different owners, new leaders, new data scientists, even a new way…


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