Omaha Data Science Academy

ODSA is an accelerated program designed to provide you with the skill sets needed to position yourself as a data scientist.

Businesses struggle to find and hire the data science talent they need. Gartner even estimates a shortage of at least 100,000+ workers with analytical skills in the US by 2020. Omaha Data Science Academy was founded to help you fill that shortage.

Our curriculum was developed by senior data scientists from local companies throughout the region as well as knowledge cultivated from completing 100’s of data science projects for companies all over the world. We believe the key to a good data scientist is knowledge of four distinctly different skill sets:



Whether it be machine learning, web scrapers, applications, or computational modeling, a data scientist has to know how to think programmatically as well as write code to connect disparate systems.



More than 50% of the time spent on any data science project is spent making the data useable for modeling. Knowing how to design, store, clean, query, and access the data is the key to any project’s success.


Predictive Modeling and Data Platforming

The next generation of business intelligence is predicting what happens next using statistics, modeling, and machine learning.


Data Visualization

Expressing data is key to implementation, scale, and corporate buy-in. We teach the fundamentals of building and expressing the data visually so non-technical users can understand instantly what decision to make.