Marketing & Predictive Analytics

Take the guesswork out of marketing — predictive analytics lets you test your messaging and target your best prospects.

The art of marketing is figuring out the right message — then getting it to the right people. CAN helps you be smarter about both.

We use predictive analytics and data science to break down how previous sales and marketing efforts have worked for your company. Which customers responded to which offers? Was timing a factor? Was customer service?
Your customers’ past behavior is a strong indicator of their future behavior. Our analysis make that past behavior more clear — and more easily tracked — so that future marketing efforts are more likely to hit their targets.

A few examples of how CAN is already helping companies be more strategic with their marketing:

Pricing right.

In business-to-business sales, pricing is everything. It determines your revenues, your profits, much of your customer retention. If you price too high, you lose customers and profit. But if you price too low, you leave money on the table. That’s why pricing should be a decision, not something that just happens — and never a guess.

At CAN, our goal is to maximize your margins without sacrificing sales or customer loyalty. We start by looking at your existing price and sales data — and by talking to your most experienced people, the members of your team who have the best gut feelings about price. Using this combination of hard data and intuition, we can build an accurate and reliable pricing model — sort of an equation that lets you test what prices will help you win the most business.

Finding true customer insight, not just more data.

The most effective marketing is rooted in knowledge. If you know your customers well, you know how to talk to them. You know what tactics catch their attention, what might drive them away . . .

It’s easy to see why businesses constantly chase after new customer insights (research, surveys, web analytics). But we find that most companies already have access to the customer information they need. Every time your customers interact with your company, they create data. The trick is knowing how to read that data — how to make it meaningful. CAN helps you sort out the most valuable data and translate it into marketing knowledge.

Bigger results with micro-targeting.

Aside from being not-very-smart, one-size-fit-all marketing can be really expensive. It might seem cheaper to develop only one marketing approach. But shotgun marketing means that most of your efforts won’t reach their audience. It’s like throwing time and money out the window, and hoping some of it lands on a prospect.

Sometimes this sort of careless marketing forces you to over-deliver, to offer deals and discounts to customers who probably would have purchased at full price. And sometimes it means losing customers who probably would have stayed, if you came to them with the right offer.

CAN excels at sorting customers. Data science lets us get extremely specific: which customers are loyal, which are affected by discounts, which respond best to specific types of sales calls or marketing. We can tell you exactly who you’re talking to, so you know exactly what to say.

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