Management & Predictive Analytics

You can’t manage for the future if you don’t
know what to expect. Data science makes even
people predictable.

Anytime people are a factor in business, decisions become complicated and uncertain. That’s just who we are, as human beings. Complicated. Seemingly unpredictable.

But, fortunately your business, people create data. Lots of it.

With predictive analytics we can dive into your data, and forecast some aspects of the future. Even a little predictability can radically improve management and human resources decisions.

We can also give you a clearer picture of what’s happening in your company right now. Managers often have a difficult time judging how people or projects are actually performing. Most employees don’t want to draw attention to their mistakes or faults, and go out of their way to hide flaws from managers.

Using data science, we can sort out which factors contribute to success or failure in your company. We can help explain why something is or isn’t working — and if you understand the why of a situation, you can make it better.

Here are a few other ways CAN is helping companies refine their management:

Only invest time in good job candidates

We believe most hiring depends far too much on the interview process. Someone’s performance during an interview just isn’t a good indicator of their job performance. The best way to interview is to screen and qualify candidates first; then use the interview as a final check, not a complete evaluation.

With basic employment data, CAN can build you a model for screening applicants. We can predict how many months a prospective employee is likely to stay in a company’s employment, when they will begin to be productive, and at what level they will perform. This allows recruiters to shift through hundreds of applicants quickly, and find the right mixture of loyalty, skills and performance.

More manageable project management

Businesses don’t usually take a close look at projects until after they’ve failed —it’s sort of like sorting through the remains after a fire. Using data science and predictive analytics, we can predict which projects are most likely to fail. CAN’s data models give project managers and their supervisors early warning that a project is likely to fail — and even an indication of why. This allows your team to fix problems before your lose time, money and customers.

When to spend on health and safety

Health and safety campaigns sound like good idea, and seem like a way to cut costs. But the data shows that these campaigns don’t usually change behavior. They cater to people who are already healthy and safe. CAN helps companies take a more practical approach to health and safety. We can look at your data, and identify which sorts of accidents and claims are most likely, and which employees are at risk of causing accidents.

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