Data Scientist Training

Finding that first data scientist is hard. Because your current staff already knows your processes and procedures, and they fit your culture, why not train someone you already employ?

Most companies start their path towards data science by hiring a senior-level data scientist to create, implement, and then manage a data science team. The problem is:

  • Senior-level talent is expensive and hard to find.
  • Success requires a philosophical change in problem-solving
  • Growth requires hiring and managing talent
  • Longevity requires a new management process.


A failure in any of these along the way can jeopardize the entire process.


Training your existing staff in data science alleviates multiple risks:

  1. Cost is significantly lower because you don’t need a “jack of all trades” Senior Level Data Scientist.
  2. Your internal candidates require no hiring process, no internal training of tools, and is already is a culture fit.
  3. There is an additional saving of time and money as you can scale your data science projects faster because of your organization’s trust and familiarity with your own employees.


How We Can Help


CAN’s data scientist training program is a carefully cultivated group of accelerated classes designed to supplement the knowledge of a person already holding a degree, who only needs a few additional skills to succeed as a data strategist — whether that be coding, database, statistics and computational modeling, or data visualization.

Your chosen staff will be trained by senior data scientists from local companies throughout the region. And, when used in conjunction with our Data Science-as-a-Service (DSaaS) model, provides both classroom and on-the-job training. This makes them innately qualified for taking over the process and becoming your in-house data science strategist of the future.