Customer Service & Predictive Analytics

Customer service is the best sales tool you have. We can tell you more about your customers, so you can hold on to them.

When CAN talks about customer service, what we really mean is customer retention. Every time you interact with a customer, you’re influencing whether they stay or go, whether they buy more or settle for less.

Our data scientists can help you shore up your customer base. We can look at the customer data you’re already collecting and actually tell you which of your customers are at risk of leaving.

Think of what you could do with that information. If you know a customer is likely to leave, you can intervene. CAN might even be able to tell you why certain customers are at risk, so that you can address the issue directly.
Plus, understanding why current customers are at risk can help you take preventative measures to keep new and future customers happy.

A few examples of how CAN is already helping companies protect their customer base:

Strengthen relationships.

It’s natural to want static relationships with customers; life would be easier if you could just convert someone once, then stop wooing them. But customer relationships either grow or decay. They can’t stay still. So, every time a client interacts with your company, your relationship changes either for the better or for the worse. We can tap into your data to see which sorts of interactions are positive and which are negative. And we can help you customize each interaction, so that customers feel like you’re paying attention.

Invest in current customers.

We find that businesses are more likely to spend money to win over new customers than to keep current ones. But it’s usually far less expensive to hold on to customers than to replace them. And putting resources toward your current customers is far less of a risk. A customer who already uses your product or service is the best prospect for future sales — they’ve already said yes to you.

CAN encourages businesses to think of customers as ongoing investments — to focus on their lifetime value. How can you make current relationships stronger and more profitable?

Make it right — before it goes wrong.

Most customer service occurs after something has gone wrong. Things break, bills get missed, people get confused, or offended — mistakes happen. These are the moments when customers question or second-guess their relationship with your company. When something goes wrong, you get put on trial.

There’s no way to prevent every mistake or miscommunication — but, with predictive analytics, you can identify many danger areas before they ever become problems. You can predict equipment breakdowns and schedule the right amount of preventative maintenance. You can identify who might not understand something, and offer assistance and education. You can even predict who is most likely to struggle to pay their bills, and recommend a more accurately priced product.

Investing in troubleshooting saves you time and money, and — most importantly — keeps customers from questioning your business relationship.