Get to know our team.


Ben Hunter

Data Scientist

Ben is a data scientist who honed many of his technical skills in Silicon Valley. He is a verstalie problem solver, employing whatever the job calls for. Whether it's Python, R, D3.js or some other framework, Ben always finds the best answer to the problem at hand.



Carrie Rosenberry

General Counsel

Carrie is a technology transactions attorney, specializing in software licensing, marketing and technology transactions. She serves on the leadership team as CAN's general counsel, facilitating its legal work when necessary.

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Francisco Mora-Becerra

Data Scientist

Francisco is CAN's resident machine learning data scientist. He applies his expert understanding of machine learning in a wide array of predictive analytics projects, including simulating artificial neural networks.


Gordon Summers

Senior Data Scientist

Gordon is a seasoned machine learning expert with over two decades of experience implementing analytics solutions at a Fortune 200 company. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing and reading geology books.


Grant Stanley

CAN Collaborator

I am an INTJ. While I enjoy collaborating I do my best work at my desk. I spend my time researching ways to improve CAN. I love ideas and building things. To test an idea I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. Most of my time is spent on marketing and product development.


Bridget Lillethorup

Technical Writer

Bridget writes much of CAN's website copy and helps optimize SEO. Her background in creative writing and history makes her ideally suited to convey some of our complex technical projects into reader-friendly copy.


Matt Rau

Director of Business Development

Matt is a seasoned technology and managed services sales professional with 14 years of experience. When he's not working he enjoys traveling, golfing, and raising his twin boys.


Matt Hoover

Director of Data Visualization

Matt is a data viz wiz who enjoys telling stories with data. He also has a passion for teaching others about data visualization, especially with Tableau. You can find him outside of CAN running long, long distances.


Mike Janecek

Tableau Architect

Mike is a seasoned Tableau veteran, having used it since Version 3 (it's on Version 10 now). His experience includes proposing, implementing, and deploying Tableau desktop & server environments in a variety of business settings.


Nate Watson


Nate is well known throughout the region as a leader who has helped numerous companies bridge the gap between data overload and actionable intelligence. He has been CAN's President since 2015 and since then has worked ceaselessly to strengthen and expand its operations.


Nick Rosenberry


Initially trained as an engineer, Nick has spent over a decade helping clients solve their technical, operational, and financial problems. He is both CAN's CFO and the Chairman of the Board and provides CAN with invaluable business development guidance.


Rudy Quiles

Assistant Chief Data Scientist

Rudy is a proven leader who has demonstrated his of skills across many industries throughout the US and the world. His career has taken him everywhere from the Marine Corps to the headquarters of multiple Fortune 500 companies.