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CAN’s new way of data science team implementation lets a company gain access to the decision making of their ability without the fear or risk of single person dependence. It creates better data science much faster with higher ROI than traditional implementation with the helping hand of a company who has done data science for years.

We aspire to be your data science team, to train our replacements, and then stay on as your additional personnel giving your company a leg up in the implementation of data science ideas and production level predictive analytics.


Today CAN offers three approaches to improving outcomes with data science:

Data Science as a Service (to get you started),

Training (to make it yours), and

Staff Augmentation (to keep your need fulfilled, even if that need is temporary).


CAN begins the process of serving its clients by initially and temporarily serving as their data science team.  Day one, we show up and provide our client with an established data science team that knows exactly what they’re doing, knows how to dig into their data, and knows how to cut through the red tape.

As we work with you to solve your data science problems, our goal is to your internal candidates to scale and manage your data science implementation as your company needs grow.

When used with our Data Science-as-a-Service (DSaaS) model, we will train an internal person to scale, manage, and implement further data science projects within your organization.

Your chosen staff will be trained in an academy specifically designed to teach individuals with the skill sets needed to succeed in data science (coding, database, statistics and computational modeling, and data visualization).

Our training program, the Omaha Data Science Academy (ODSA), is an accelerated program designed to supplement the knowledge of a person that already holds a degree and needs only a few additional skill sets to become a data strategist.

In addition to training through the academy, the data strategist is trained alongside the data science team building your portfolio — giving them full access to how everything is built, making them innately qualified for taking over the process once the milestone for change over has been reached.

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